gentle c-section safe workout

You’re a mama! Congrats! Enjoy this special time with your little one as you rest and recovery from childbirth.

As we know, navigating a workout routine postpartum can be uncomfortable and intimidating. The trainers here at TLM have your back…and your core, glutes, pelvic floor…you get it! Getting into a workout routine after a cesarean delivery takes patience, time, and a well thought out plan. As always, get the green light from your practitioner to start exercise, stay safe, and listen to your body when doing any kind of activity.

During pregnancy your 4 core muscles (transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, multitifidus and diaphragm), as well as the vaginal and vulva tissue sustain a great amount of pressure and stress to be able to support and carry your sweet babe. This gentle c-section safe workout has been created for you to help retrain those muscles, establish core engagement and pelvis stability and build full body endurance so that you can feel strong and confident moving around with your new bff.

First step: diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing helps to regulate intra-abdominal pressure and teaches you how to implement deep core engagement with every movement. In the gym or pushing your stroller up a hill, diaphragmatic breathing is key.



Second step: Sync the diaphragmatic breath while you activate and strengthen your core, glutes and pelvic floor

Note: The bridge and clamshells are very really important for our C-section mamas…these movements create stability through the pelvic to help take any strain away from the incision area.

Third step: Work your full body through endurance, strength and proper alignment movements.

We hope this gentle c-section safe workout gave you the building blocks to feel comfortable exercising again. Your body is remarkably adaptable and we are here to support you along your postpartum journey!

hot tip

Not quite ready for exercise just yet? Need more support with daily movements? Try bracing and supporting your incision with your hands before you move, turn or twist.

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    Sarah Matias

    Why did you become a pre/ postnatal exercise specialist?

    After working in a physical therapy clinic I very quickly became aware of how underserved the pre/
    postnatal community was. Women who were trying to conceive, pregnant, and postpartum were
    seeking out help and guidance in navigating their motherhood journey. The healthcare professionals
    did not have the time or resources to be able to provide them the one-on-one attention they needed.
    Being able to empower women and help support them through their journey is something that I could
    only have dreamed of. The Lotus Method has allowed me to help women not feel alone through this
    challenging time in their lives, and I love being able to continue supporting them!

    What inspires you the most about our clientele of
    badass women?

    Their priority to take care of themselves! Our clients run the world, from stay at home moms to CEO’s
    these women’s schedules are packed! Yet they still prioritize taking the time to invest in themselves.
    Literally running from a meeting straight into an exercise circuit is not uncommon for our mom’s. They
    carve out an hour to focus on their strength, their mental health, and their happiness!

    If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the
    rest of your days – what would it be?

    How can I just choose one! River by Leon Bridges or Ritual Union by Little Dragon.