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What We’re
All About

The Lotus Method is more than
just another workout

We are pre and post natal experts who know (scientifically)
what your mothering body is capable of. We specialize
in 1-on-1 personal training that prepares women for the
demands of pregnancy, labor and motherhood.

We use years of expertise to
craft workouts that meet your
body’s needs

Because let’s be real - this is not a one size fits all
This way we ensure that not only are you
getting the best results (we keep it challenging), but you’re
also getting the safest workout. Our goal is to make you
feel as powerful as you are.

Feel Empowered and

harness your strength

The Lotus Method In-studio

Boutique Studios, keeping
personal training personal

We love to see you in the studio! Our premium hands on
personal training sessions
are the heart of The Lotus
Method. Our pre/post natal experts create workouts
specially designed to meet the needs of your unique
experience and guide you through them. Here you will find
support, connection, community, and empowerment.

The Lotus Method Virtual

Support from the comfort
of your home

Join us from anywhere in the world! We created our 1-on-1
personal training virtual sessions to offer the same
connection and tailored workouts with the convenience of
an at-home fitness program. Work with your own pre/post
natal expert to design workouts that will support your
journey and strengthen your body.

Real Stories from
Real Women

First hand accounts of women who have joined
The Lotus Method family. Listen to their very
experiences of how our curated workouts and
community have impacted their journey.

Yennie S.

The Lotus Method has been the one constant in my journey to becoming a mother. In the throes of pregnancy, the excitement of birth, and the insanity of postpartum, TLM has always been there to guide me to my best self. Through the custom programs, I’ve become my strongest self despite two very different pregnancies and births. I credit TLM with giving me the right tools at the right time to create a strong, capable me!

Every mother is a warrior, and The Lotus Method helps moms strengthen their mind, body, and souls with their amazing programs.

I love that TLM is a warm and welcoming environment, full of moms from every walk of life. No matter who you are or what your journey to motherhood has been, you are welcome and celebrated at The Lotus Method!

Jess M.

Upon receiving our happy news with the positive pregnancy test, one of my first to-dos was to sign-up for the Lotus Method. I’d seen this beautiful studio daily on my walks to work and knew when I got pregnant it was the place for me. The personal training sessions and classes focused on pelvic and core strength and stability along with proper breathing techniques not only helped my pregnancy but were crucial during my postpartum recovery. I’m convinced had I not worked with The Lotus Method I would have had a much more difficult pregnancy and recovery period. My advice to all my friends and expecting mother’s is to join The Lotus Method, it is hands down one of the best things you can do for your body and baby to be.

Roni D.

When I was newly pregnant, I tried to go to classes at various studios that claimed to be ‘prenatal’ or that said they could tell you how to modify for pregnancy. I quickly learned that most of these studios do not know how to modify and I had weird aches and pains that I had never had before (why is my tailbone hurting!?) and I was craving connection with other moms who were experiencing what I was. Enter The Lotus Method! I started training at TLM and from the first visit, I instantly felt supported and cared for. More than that, I felt strong again.

I wasn’t worried about hurting myself or my baby because I knew I had a trainer who was experienced and could guide me. Every mom needs TLM because every mom deserves to feel strong, prepared, and supported through pregnancy and beyond.

Kate K.

I’m not a workout maniac or a fitness buff, but going into my third pregnancy, I was absolutely determined to stay fit, to be strong, and to feel as good in my body as I possibly could. Knowing that Peleton and walking around the neighborhood wouldn’t be enough, I turned to The Lotus Method pretty early in my pregnancy. Shortly after I started working out with the trainers at TLM everything clicked: my body hurt less, my muscles were noticeably stronger, and I left each workout session jonesing for more. I am now 8 weeks postpartum and I can’t wait to go back. My body needs TLM, my mind needs TLM!

If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, postpartum, or at any stage in your motherhood journey, I cannot recommend TLM enough. The trainers there are miracle workers for the unique issues mamas have at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Liz Miracle, Pelvic Floor Specialist

I’m a pelvic floor therapist specializing in pre and postpartum care and I am always looking for excellent exercise professionals to work with my patients who can understand the intricacies of how to work with women with pelvic floor issues – since it’s a VERY common problem.

I trust them hands down with my patients and love how communicative they are. The fact that you get individualized care from an experienced trainer and then those trainers are the ones teaching the classes means that they can cater the classes to be safe for all those involved. 5 stars for sure!

UPDATE: I had to update this review. After loving TLM for a long time as a practitioner I finally got pregnant myself and having been training at TLM! Having a baby takes SO much strength. During my 22 hr labor with 5 hrs of pushing, my husband kept remarking how he couldn’t believe I was so strong. ALL because of TLM :). I had to stop doing yoga because of pubic symphysis pain. I had to stop running because of the pressure on my pelvic organs. I had to stop Core40 it was too strenuous for my abs. I had only swimming and TLM to get me through and it was worth every penny/minute! 

Thanks TLM I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Dorothy T.

TLM has helped me prepare for the childbirth process and gave me the endurance, strength and breathing techniques that got me through a tough pregnancy. Even my OBYGYN was impressed with my stamina and pushing ability. Now post-partum for several years, I continue to train because the exercises are tailored to my current fitness lifestage. I trust the expertise of the trainers which gives me confidence that I’m getting strong without compromising form and possible injury. I also love the community it brings to pre-post natal women – there is a natural connection and I feel like I belong.

The Method

Let’s talk about the technical stuff

Our bodies are a fascinating thing, but
sometimes they
need our help. Our workouts
are smart and challenging.
We eliminate
movements that might exacerbate

symptoms and prioritize movements that will
make you
feel better based on your
motherhood staging and goals.

We directly address, manage, and mitigate a
variety of
pre/post natal challenges; from
aches and pains to
incontinence, abdominal
separation to the pelvic floor.

We do it all.

our clients report
report no diastasis recti
0 %
feel stronger and happier
0 %
have an easier labor
0 %
report less pain
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The Lotus Method

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    Sarah Matias

    Why did you become a pre/ postnatal exercise specialist?

    After working in a physical therapy clinic I very quickly became aware of how underserved the pre/
    postnatal community was. Women who were trying to conceive, pregnant, and postpartum were
    seeking out help and guidance in navigating their motherhood journey. The healthcare professionals
    did not have the time or resources to be able to provide them the one-on-one attention they needed.
    Being able to empower women and help support them through their journey is something that I could
    only have dreamed of. The Lotus Method has allowed me to help women not feel alone through this
    challenging time in their lives, and I love being able to continue supporting them!

    What inspires you the most about our clientele of
    badass women?

    Their priority to take care of themselves! Our clients run the world, from stay at home moms to CEO’s
    these women’s schedules are packed! Yet they still prioritize taking the time to invest in themselves.
    Literally running from a meeting straight into an exercise circuit is not uncommon for our mom’s. They
    carve out an hour to focus on their strength, their mental health, and their happiness!

    If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the
    rest of your days – what would it be?

    How can I just choose one! River by Leon Bridges or Ritual Union by Little Dragon.